In a land long ago, the mighty prince Prabu Rama lived with his beautiful princess bride, Dewi Shinta. Prabu Rama was the best archer in all the kingdom, and he had a magic bow and arrow that was given to him bu Agastya. He liked to hunt the animals of the forest with his magic bow, and many times Dewi Shinta would accompany him. Dewi Shinta was enchanted by the beauty and tranqulity of the forest.

One day, while Prabu Rama and Dewi Shinta were in the forest, the princess glimpsed a magnificent golden deer. She wanted the deer for herself, and persuaded Prabu Rama to capture it for her. However, the deer had been sent by the evil king Prabu Rawana to lure the prince away from Dewi Shinta. So, while Prabu Rama was in pursuit of the beautiful golden deer, Prabu Rawana swooped down out of the sky, grabbed Dewi Shinta and carried her off to his palace in the evil kingdom of Alengka.

Well, as you can imagine, Prabu Rama was beside himself with grief over the loss of his beloved Dewi Shinta. He soon discovered that the princess had been abducted by Prabu Rawana. With the help of white monkey chief, Hanoman, Prabu Rama marched to the land of Alengka to rescue his princess.

When the army reached the shore across from the kingdom of Alengka, the brave Hanoman leaped over the sea and landed in Prabu Rawana’s palace garden. There he found Dewi Shinta. Hanoman began his own battle against Rawana’s evil forces, and created chaos throughout the kingdom. But, alas, he was soon
captured by Prabu Rawana’s army. The ruthless demon demon soldiers attempted to burn Hanoman alive, but Hanoman managed to free himself. While Hanoman set fire to the houses in the evil kingdom, the monkey soldiers and Prabu Rama built a bridge and crossed into the land of Alengka.

In the heat of battle, Prabu Rama took his bow and killed Prabu Rawana with his magic arrow. Hanoman and Prabu Rama destroyed all of the evil forest of Alengka and recovered the imprisoned Dewi Shinta.

There was a great procession as Prabu Rama brought his princess home, and an enormous celebration was given by the king in honor of the conquering forces. Prabu Rama and Dewi Shinta lived happily together and forever after enjoyed the wonders and peacefulness of the forest.