California Condors


These birds used to used almost extinct, only 22 left in the whole word, including zoos. With a nine foot wing span, they had the largest wings in the whole America, but their appearances weren’t as cute as a baby seal’s or a panda. Getting many condors from the wild, they were put into the San Diego Zoo to hopefully save this endangered species. Over time, condors were only supposed to have 1 baby every 2 years, but the zoo keepers put the eggs into an incubation, causing the condor to create 4 eggs in 2 years instead of 1. Over time with great care and supervision, the condors successfully could reproduce out in the wild, and now days there are a little over 400 condors in California. It may not seem like much, but from 22 to 400 is a great increase. Many companies have altered the pollution levels in certain areas to save the species, and while in the zoo, the condors were taught to not go on telephone poles due to their large wingspan. Overall, there are many species in California that are becoming endangered, and we should take better care of our planet to help these innocent species stay alive, cute or not.