Review: #Hilary Duff Breathe in Breathe Out

Hilary Duff’s fifth album, is a spectacular achievement that crosses over from pure pop, to folk, and is quite surprising considering the time that has passed since her last album Dignity in 2007. Hilary proves yet again (as if she needed to) that she is still a very talented artist and can deliver the goods. I am positive that Live Nation is calling Hilary daily over the prospect of signing her for the world tour to promote BIBO, and I have no doubt that she will be able to sell out the venues.

The songs that really stand out for me are as follows:

My Kind – This song has a great feel to it, and if given half of chance by radio should chart in the top 10. From the start to the catchy hooks, it makes you want to get out on the dance floor.

#My Kind Hilary Duff Breathe In Breathe Out

Tatoo – This was written by Ed Sheeran and Hilary’s vocals are nothing short of amazing. This song has a folksy, almost country sound to it that really showcases her range as an artist.

#Tatoo Hilary Duff Breathe I Breath Out

Lies – This song reminded me a bit of something that Shakira would be singing. The beat is right on, and builds to a crescendo that bridges over to the chorus which again, Hilary delivers perfectly.

#Lies Hilary Duff – Breathe In Breathe Out

Just as a side note: I think that there are a lot of music critics out there who just cannot bring themselves to admit that Hilary is the real deal, and are either too stupid, or rather too chickenshit to give her proper credit for being one of the great pop musical talents in the same category as a Brittney Spears, J-LO, Rhianna, (Fill in the blank).

Breathe in Breathe Out is the best pop album to come out in years, and was definitely worth the wait. Do yourself a favor and listen for yourself. You will be glad you did.

Peace out!

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  1. Excellent post, I couldn’t agree with you more about #Hilary Duff’s Breathe in Breathe Out. I love your blog and will tag it in my favorites!

    Thanks Putri for a great review